Never understood the term. I get “fiction”. But why “non-fiction”? It sounds negative. Like it’s not something, opposed to being something. We need a better more positive term like… fact-based prose! Or facto-prose! Or facocta! No, that’s Yiddish for crazy. As in “What’s with this facocta PRINT page?”


sisterwritereatersNow, that’s a great word… and a great book, published by Griffith Moon in 2017.

Gifted scribes/editors Claire LaZebnik and Ann Brown gathered a feast of women writers for an anthology of essays. Our only direction was to write about our relationship to food and to include a recipe and photograph pertaining to our essay. Mine is titled, “Family Recipe”. Ironic because the only culinary legacy my matriarchs passed down was their disdain for cooking. However, grandmother, Lena Weiner, and mom, Betty Kout, provided a different kind of sustenance. Curious?

Book is available at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart – Dramatist

dramatist_magazine_coverJoey Stocks, Editor of the Dramatist Guild’s magazine, asked me to write about the world premiere of my play, We Are the Levinsons, at the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company. It’s a valentine to Artistic Director, Barbara Brooks and the superb cast and crew she assembled.

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2018 issue of the Dramatist. To read the article click here.


Possibly in the future. Right now I’m madly in love with playwriting… and our rescued six-year-old she-cat, we named Gracie Allen.