noah-bensheaI’m excited to be working with Noah benShea, one of North America’s most respected and beloved poet philosophers. Noah is a Pulitzer Prize nominated, international best-selling author of 27 books translated into 18 languages. He is also a scholar and theologian who has spoken to numerous prestigious universities and institutions including: The Library of Congress and The US Department of Defense, and he has been published by Oxford University Press and The World Bible Society in Jerusalem.

You can find Noah’s wonderful books on Amazon and learn more about Noah at www.noahbenshea.com.

Stay tuned to learn more about our exciting new project!


michelle_shapiro_girl_roosterI'm excited to be working with award-winning illustrator, Michelle Shapiro. What’s our book about? It’s a secret. And I need it to stay a secret because for me, talking about a new project dissipates the drive to create it. But we can tell and show you what it’s like to create. It’s like chasing a chicken. You joyfully follow where it wants to go.

And speaking of creating with joy… Michelle is also the main brain of Ipso Facto Creative, the company who helped realize this website. I was seeking web designers with wit and passion, who could make the process fun. Architect friend, Gale Goldberg, suggested Michelle and emailed the link to the Ipso Facto Creative website. It was love at first click.