wendy_kout_bioI write and produce in various media with a sense of humor, heart, heartbreak and screwed-up-yet-hopeful humanity. I don’t preach or profess to have answers. I ask questions. And I protest. Personally and professionally, I fight for social, economic, inclusive and global justice for all. I’m also big on gratitude. So here goes.

To my parents, Betty and Norm, who encouraged my creativity from childhood, modeled how to be a mensch and left a legacy of laughter.

To my brother, Larry, who taught me to fight and warned me guys will say anything to get into my pants.

To sister-in-law, Meryle, nephews Gregg and Brendan, nieces Cristi and Candace, and cousin Marsha and the Kout Klan, who share the soar and catch me when I fall. And to great niece Avery, who gave me her first smile and keeps us all smiling.

To chosen sistahs, Kathryn Nessel Retsky, my Cookie, who has brought sweet comfort since our virginity and Michele Willens, my sometime work partner and all-time friend, who shares her great talent and great lust for ice cream.

To chosen brother and Literary Manager, Will Levine, who never lost faith. And theatre guru and protector, Leo Lauer, who like Will, is always there.

To all beautiful buds, colleagues, and champions who gave and give a damn.

And to the love and miracle of my life, Dennis Koenig, who kicks my writer butt, holds my hand from storms to safety… and proved my brother wrong.

Thank you!